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intermediate navigation course
Intermediate Navigation Course
The Course

This is a very practical 1-day navigation course that builds upon existing knowledge of navigation using the map alone in lowland areas to include basic compass skills giving access to walking (and running) in more open countryside, including hills and moorland (Practical Navigation for Walkers). It is ideally suited to those who have already registered and perhaps undertaken the Mountain Training Association (MTA) Hill and Moorland Leader Training course and who would like a refresher course on the essential skills used in navigation prior to their assessment. This is also true for those involved in the Countryside Leaders Award Scheme where the Intermediate 1-day course would provide a refresher course aimed specifically at the navigational aspects of the award. The 1-day course follows closely the National Navigation Award Scheme at Silver Level (NNAS Silver Award) and it is possible to register for this two-day course and hence gain a qualification in navigation that is recognised by the MTA. The second day of this two-day course will cover additional aspects of navigation and knowledge of the Countryside Code, current access legislation and the environmental impact of walkers, and includes a short assessment. The Intermediate course will therefore provide you with the confidence necessary to undertake a journey through lowland, hill and moorland terrain, along paths and tracks and across open countryside using map and compass. Throughout the course there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify any issues that you are unsure about. Aspects of navigation that includes poor visibility but particularly darkness are covered in a short but independent course of about 3 hours duration. (see Night Navigation Course).

Equipment to bring

You should bring with you small rucksack containing some spare clothing and sufficient food and drink for the day, as dictated by the weather. Those on MTA courses should bring a rucksack as appropriate for a Leader. Please bring maps of the area if you have them (although laminated maps will be provided on the day) and a compass (although these will also be available - see Equipment under Essential Info ).

What you will learn

Typically the day is driven by the practical navigational skills necessary to undertake a journey safely in lowland, hill and moorland terrain and across open countryside. On completion of the course you should be able to * use prominent hills, ridges, spurs and valleys as a means of navigation in good visibility * use landforms and point features to orientate the map * use a compass to accurately follow a bearing, and check the direction of handrails * use a compass to aim off and avoid obstacles or avoid difficult terrain * use back bearings to check the accuracy of a route * measure distance on the ground using timing/pacing and to make allowances * recognise difficult and dangerous terrain on a map * recognise a navigational error and apply appropriate relocation techniques * simplify legs using course navigation, attack points and fine navigation * For those undertaking the two-day NNAS course you should in addition * have an understanding of how personal fitness and nature of terrain affects route choice * select appropriate clothing, equipment and first aid kit for walking in all weather conditions * demonstrate an understanding of the Countryside Code * be aware of access issues and the environmental impact of walkers * understand the responsibilities of walkers towards other countryside interests *

Course ratio : 1 : 6
Venue : Peak District (Lyme Park/Rainow/Bollington)
Duration : 1 or 2-days (09:30 – 16:30 approx)
Cost per person:-
Intermediate Navigation 1-day Course £60
Intermediate Navigation 2-day Course £130 (this includes the cost of the NNAS certificate)
Meeting Point: Poynton Coppice Car Park, Shigley Road South, Higher Poynton

If you require any further information about this course then contact Ron directly by phone or email:
M : 07508 035038
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Outside Education offers a progressive range of navigational courses under summer and winter conditions, in both lowland and mountainous terrain, for large and small groups as well as individuals and bespoke groups. For further details contact Ron directly.
Course Dates:


1-day Course
Sat 23 Mar
Sat 27th April
Sat 25th May
Sat 29th June

2-day Course
Sat/Sun 23/24 Mar 
Sat/Sun 27/28 April 
Sat/Sun 25/26 May
Sat/Sun 29/30 June

If you have a particular day in mind outside of the above course dates then just call or email Ron with your requirements.

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